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What is BridgeMAXX Service?
BridgeMAXX is a fast, portable, affordable wireless Internet service.
How does BridgeMAXX work?
BridgeMAXX service uses state-of-the-art technology to transmit radio signals from a base tower to a modem that is about the size of a book. The modem easily connects to your computer. Once you plug in your modem, your connection is always on and always secure.
Is BridgeMAXX secure?
BridgeMAXX runs on fully licensed and protected radio frequencies. This technology provides as much or more security than traditional wireless Internet solutions.
How do I know that the signal will reach my computer?
Individuals within the BridgeMAXX service area receive signals. Click here to see if your address is within our service area. Sometimes you can be within our coverage area but not be able to receive a signal. Our technicians and customer service representatives will work with you to determine if BridgeMAXX service will provide you with the high quality Internet connection that we strive to give all of our customers.
Can I use BridgeMAXX service at home and at work?
Easily! Purchase a Residential or Business plan based on your needs and on where you will primarily use the service. If you purchase a Business plan, you can plug in and get online at home as well - anywhere within our service area!
How can I pay for my BridgeMAXX service?
Use your credit card, debit card of automatic checking account withdrawl to set up recurring payments so you won't have interruptions of service. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to pay by check via mail for an additional $5 per month. We also offer a one year prepayment plan which gives you an additional 10% off.
Are there any limits to usage?
You can access the Internet as much as you would like. Your computer will connect to the Internet automatically at the speed that you choose in your service plan. Click here to see our full service agreement.
How fast is BridgeMAXX service?
BridgeMAXX service is available at multiple speeds up to 4mbps.
Is BridgeMAXX reliable?
Yes. With BridgeMAXX you'll enjoy your connection that is "always on." Plus, with BridgeMAXX it is easy to tell the strength of your signal. Your modem will display signal lights, similar to the bars on a cellular phone, to tell you the strength of your connection.
Is BridgeMAXX mobile?
BridgeMAXX is portable. You can move from place-to-place within the BridgeMAXX coverage area. Use BridgeMAXX in your home or your favorite coffee shop anywhere with a power outlet!
How is BridgeMAXX different then Wi-Fi?
BridgeMAXX provides a more secure connection and allows more flexibility than Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi operates on unlicensed 2.4GHz frequencies. This makes it vulnerable to scanning and packet interception. Because it operates on a 2.5GHz licensed frequency and uses WiMax technology, BridgeMAXX is very secure. In addition, Wi-Fi is only available in "hot-spots." With BridgeMAXX service, customers can plug in the BridgeMAXX modem and connect to the Internet anywhere in the entire service area.
Will I be able to setup BridgeMAXX services on my computer myself?
For most customers, setting up BridgeMAXX service involves a "plug-and-play" installation. Customers can establish an Internet connection in a matter of minutes no need for a technician to configure additional hardware and no need for software to be loaded onto computers. Just follow the information guide, or call us at 1-888-295-3424, we're here to help!
Can I have multiple computers on the internet simultaneously?
Our Residential customers can use a router or wireless access point so that multiple users can be online at the same time with only one subscription and no slow-down. Our Business customers should work with our dedicated sales team to find a plan that will support all of your business needs, no matter how big or how small.
What if my computer is setup in one room but my signal is stronger in another?
Usually customers are able to receive a strong signal wherever their computer is located. However, using a wireless access router, you can place the BridgeMAXX modem wherever your signal is strongest, regardless of where your computer is located. Wireless access routers are available at many major retailers.
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