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BridgeMAXX Dial-up Cable DSL
Always-on Broadband Check Check Check
Portable Check
Easy Setup Check
Affordable Check Check
Superior Customer Support Check
How fast is BridgeMAXX high speed? Is it faster than DSL and Cable?
BridgeMAXX service is available at multiple speeds starting at 2 Mbps.
Is BridgeMAXX as reliable as cable and DSL?
Yes. With BridgeMAXX you'll enjoy your connection that is "always on." Plus, with BridgeMAXX it is easy to tell the strength of your signal. The BridgeMAXX modem displays signal lights, similar to the bars on a cellular phone. You will be able to see that your connection is working.
Is BridgeMAXX mobile like Wi-Fi?
Some BridgeMAXX devices are portable. You can move from place-to-place within the BridgeMAXX coverage area. Use BridgeMAXX in your home, your office or your favorite coffee house anywhere with a power outlet!
Is BridgeMAXX the same as Wi-Fi?
BridgeMAXX provides a more secure connection and allows more flexibility than Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi operates on unlicensed 2.4GHz frequencies. This makes it vulnerable to scanning and packet interception. Because it operates on licensed frequency and uses WiMax technology, BridgeMAXX is very secure. In addition, Wi-Fi is only available in "hot-spots." With BridgeMAXX service, customers can plug in the BridgeMAXX modem and connect to the Internet anywhere in the entire service area.
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